One to One Meetings with business delegates from Canada

One to One Meetings with business delegates from Canada
We are pleased to inform you that A High Level Delegation from Canada will be visiting the Chamber on Thursday, 16th November 2017. We have organised an Interactive Session, One to One Meetings and Networking Lunch with the visiting delegates on that day.

The Brief Profiles of the visiting delegates are as follows :

1.  Candor Industries Inc.

Profile : Candor is the only manufacturer in the world to have perfected a liquid photo-imageable resist (PiP) in electrolytic form, used for all production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). This allows for panel plating process, which in turn means a highly uniform surface copper distribution, excellent impedance matching results, landless via formation and superior fine line features. Candor provides single, double side, and multilayer boards (up to 40 layers) depending on customer needs. Candor is known for their prototype designs of complex PCB’s that are then sent by their clients for mass production offshore.  For all of our target customers, our company offers innovative solutions to solve complex design problems. Our clients get the benefit of our unique processes combined with our one-to-one customer service mindset, that provides advances in technology and design. We believe in quick responsiveness, a focus on innovation and commitment to creating a seamless prototype cycle that reduces revisions and results in savings of cost and time.



2. Court Holdings Manufacturing

Profile : It is a privately held, family owned business based in Canada, and have a numerous companies world wide in the steel, automotive parts, Railway components and food processing sectors.  Our Strength lies in the relationships and joint ventures which we have built globally.   Our Automotive company, is the world leading manufacturer of Brake Caliper Pistons, manufacturing steel, phenolic and aluminum pistons for all the Global Automotive Companies.  We recently entered a Joint Venture Relationship with an Indian SME, are looking to expand our offerings to Indian based customers as well as seeking other diversification opportunities.


3. General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada

Profile : General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-Canada) is a global defence industry leader in land and amphibious systems development and integration. Based in London, the Canadian operations employ more than 2,000 people in the design, manufacture and support of light and medium armoured vehicles, and are specialists in machining, materials, electronics, software development, prototyping, logistics support and systems integration.


4.         ATCO Limited

Profile : From the delivery of efficient and reliable energy for homes and businesses, to affordable temporary and permanent structures, ATCO builds communities, energizes industries and delivers customer-focused infrastructure solutions like no other company in the world. With a skilled and dedicated team of nearly 7,000 people around the world and assets of $20 billion, ATCO delivers service excellence and innovative business solutions in structures and logistics (workforce housing, innovative modular facilities, construction, site support services, and logistics and operations management); electricity (electricity generation, transmission and distribution); pipelines & liquids (natural gas transmission, distribution and infrastructure development, energy storage and industrial water solutions); and retail energy (electricity and natural gas retail sales).


5. AirBoss Defence

Profile : AirBoss Defense is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), emergency preparedness disaster relief, healthcare and decontamination.  Renowned internationally for our CBRN hand wear, footwear and gas mask, our range of products also includes Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), respirator filters, Extreme Cold Weather Mukluk (ECWM), rapid deployable shelters and mass casualty decontamination systems as well as individual patient isolation and transportation systems (ISO-PODs).  AirBoss Defense is a prime provider for a variety of emergency decontamination systems incorporating all the equipment required to perform personnel decontamination including the infrastructure, multiple water supply options, complete power generation and consumables dedicated to ambulatory and non-ambulatory casualties.  We commit ourselves to developing products using the most advance research and innovative technologies to help protect the people that value life above their own.  When it comes to safety and security, AirBoss Defense offers The Ultimate Protection.


6. Challenger Manufacturing (

Profile : Challenger Sweepers lead the market in mechanical chassis mounted road cleaning machines. Sweeper modules are export-ready for mounting on domestic chassis and use globally recognized parts for localized support. The unique Challenger design includes, among others, laser-cut, tabbed and slotted parts for perfect assembly; chemically coated metals parts for durability, and mechanical electrical controls for streamlined operation and troubleshooting. Over 500 private contractors and municipalities use Challenger Sweepers for applications like industrial, pavement milling debris, seasonal clean-up, and residential roads. Challenger Manufacturing designs and assembles best-in-class street sweepers to perform in any environment with our successful MT4H high-dumping & MT6L low-dumping models. Challenger Sweepers are the only 3rd party OEM sweeper manufacturer for Elgin Sweeper, the oldest and largest US sweeper manufacturer, distributed exclusively in America as the ELGIN Broom Badger. Challenger Manufacturing is ready to help keep your roads and environment clean with Challenger Sweepers.


7. Hepburn Engineering Inc.

Profile : Based in Toronto, Canada, it is a recognized leader in the design and supply of Mining, Marine and Industrial Equipment to clients around the world. Our products include Mine Hoists, Winders,  Winches, Marine Equipment, Replenishment at Sea (RAS) systems , BOP Cranes, Electrical Control Systems and Automation Software including the Hepburn Hoist Manager. Hepburn Engineering Inc. designs, specifies, and supplies the structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components for each machine to produce an efficient integrated package best meeting the customer's requirements.


8. Kinova Robotics

Profile : Kinova designs and manufactures simple, versatile robotic solutions whose primary goal is to improve human capabilities through responsible, technology-friendly use. We work around the world and our solutions push the boundaries of mobility for people with reduced mobility to the upper limbs, propel professionals and universities in their research, and enable healthcare professionals to treat their patients more effectively.



9. Logistik Unicorp Inc

Profile : Founded in Canada in 1993, Logistik Unicorp delivers uniform programs for a diverse clientele of corporate and governmental organizations using a systematic Managed Services approach. We offer maximum customization to deliver quality uniforms that actually fit. We proactively solve your problems to continuously improve our service. We are relentless in pursuing innovation and R&D.


10. Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI)

Profile: The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) is the national industry voice of more than 800 Canadian defence and security companies that produce world-class goods, services and technologies made across Canada and sought the world over. The industries contribute to the employment of more than 63,000 Canadians and generate $10 billion in annual revenues, roughly 60 per cent of which come from exports.

Programme for the Event will be as follows :

 1:30 p.m.  – 3:00 p.m.  Networking Lunch


3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Interactive Session with Delegates from Canada

                                      Welcome and Opening Remarks by MCCIA Office Bearers


                                      Remarks by Officials from Consulate of Canada in Mumbai


  Presentations by Delegates to introduce their company’s        

  products/services to the local audience and hear about current trends  

  and opportunities in West India.


  Interactive Session


16:00 – 18:30                 B2B Meetings

  Pre-arranged B2B meetings


We would greatly appreciate if you could be specially present at the Networking Lunch as well as Interactive Session and indicate your interest in meeting the delegates on a One to One Basis.

Please send the profile of your company and let us know the delegate/s you would like to meet. We will consult the Consulate of Canada and let you know the possible schedule of the One to One Meeting/s.

Please send your confirmations and details as mentioned above to :

Ms. Madhura Chipade, Email :, tel : 020-25709213

Mr. Sudhanwa Kopardekar, Email :, tel : 020-25709211

11/16/2017 1:30 PM - 11/16/2017 6:30 PM
Finolex Board Room
505, A wing, 5th floor
MCCIA trade tower, ICC complex
MCCIA, S B Road, Pune India

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