New Technological Trends in Dehydration of Fruits,vegetables

New Technological Trends in Dehydration of Fruits,vegetables
Dehydration is the oldest technology for vegetables and fruit preservation or shelf life enhancement. Sun Drying was the conventional and oldest method. Removal of water from agro produce by maintaining the nutritional contents is simplified definition of dehydration. There are many limitations and threats for sun drying so the controlled atmospheric dehydration technology was developed and under continual improvement for last more than five decades. Any fruit, vegetable, spice, herbs and nowadays processed food can be dehydrated and preserved for long time. Nowadays dehydration is one of the major technologies used in RTC products. Major advantages of dehydrated products are – easy to handle, store and can be rehydrate, long shelf life.

MCCIA (Innovation and Technology Transfer Cell)in partnership with “Innovation Promotion in MSME” - Indo German bilateral development cooperation project - implemented by German International Cooperation (GIZ) is organizing a seminar on New Technological Trends in Dehydration of Fruits and Vegetables.

By using dehydration as a value addition technology for processed food industry, functional and Nutraceutical industry, we can add good value to basic agro produce.

There are huge business opportunities for investment and value addition in this dehydration sector. Anyone can design innovative products with the help of this technology. With this technology and in combination with other technologies we can design and manufacture various products to health and wellness, RTC, Functional food, food ingredients, spices and seasoning, proprietary food, cosmetics, animal feed, cattle feed segments.

Topics covered

  • Overview of the sector
  • Technology Options for Commercial scale production of dehydrated products
  1. Solar Dehydration
  2. Combination Dehydration
  3. High Frequency Dehydration
  4. Heat pump Drying
  5. Spray Drying

  • Financial Assistance Schemes
  • Market Opportunities
  • Panel Discussion


For Whom

The Seminar will be useful for New Entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs planning for diversification.



MCCIA Member organization: Rs. 1180/- and others Rs. 1770/- per participant.  The fee is inclusive of GST, Course Material, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, etc. 


Please register online through :

or send your nominations by email to Ms. Varsha Mahajan, email :,  tel : 020-25709223, GIZ: Mrs. Shubhada Shintre,, Mobile: 98810 98155.


Knowledge Partner

10/5/2017 9:30 AM - 10/5/2017 4:30 PM
Hall No. 4 and 5,
505, A wing, 5th floor
MCCIA trade tower, ICC complex
MCCIA, S B Road, Pune 411016 India

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